Brown Patch Lawn Disease

During the spring you may notice brown patches in your lawn.  Brown patch and large patch disease are serious fungal diseases caused by different strains of Rhizoctonia solani and can affect all north Georgia grasses.  The brown patch disease can develop and spread rapidly when temperatures during the day are warm (75 – 90 degrees) and humid, and overnight temperatures are above 60 degrees, and there are extended periods of leaf wetness. The symptoms of brown patch disease vary greatly, depen[ Read More ]

5 Tips For A Disease Free Lawn

A healthy lawn is not only beautiful to look at, but it adds value to your home.  Keeping your lawn looking beautiful can be a challenge, particularly when your lawn is under stress due to pets, temperatures, drought, too much rain, insects, etc. Even the healthiest of lawns can get sick or suffer from a turf grass disease.  How the lawn is managed can have a big impact on how sick the lawn get and how quickly it bounces back. The best course of treatment for a sick will depend on exactly [ Read More ]