Green Leaf – A name you can trust in lawn care and hemlock preservation


Green Leaf is dedicated to providing you with the very best in service for your lawn and landscape.  Founder Kevin Johnson is a certified turf grass professional with almost 30 years of experience and is a former college grounds supervisor.

From humble beginnings, Green Leaf has grown and thrived to become a recognized name and a trusted partner among homeowners and businesses alike.  Kevin is known for his expertise and passion for lawn care and hemlock preservation and this is evident in the company he has built.

We continually strive to make Green Leaf the best lawn care company available by staying on top of the latest developments and products in the industry and only working with staff who share our commitment to excellence.

Green Leaf – a name you can trust.

“It is my pleasure to write a general letter of recommendation for Kevin Johnson
as he seeks employment. I have known Kevin throughout the period of his duties
as Grounds Supervisor here at Young Harris College. During those six and a half
years, ‘under Kevin’s direction, the College campus has literally blossomed into a
place of breath-taking beauty.
Kevin is one of those rare individuals who combines practical skills with aesthetic
insights to create scenic wonderlands. Visitors to our campus are exceedingly
impressed, even awed, by the loveliness that greets them in every sector.
Flowers appropriate for the season and shrubs and trees suited for the locale
adorn the grounds. Beauty.abounds, as Kevin and his crew have woven
profusions of color and greenery into the natural contours of the landscape. He
has used his artistry to complement the intrinsic appeal of our natural setting.
It is important to emphasize Kevin’s level of industry. He works harder than any
of those under his supervision, preferring to lead by example. It is a common
sight to see him on his knees in the soil, operating a weed-eater, or pruning the
trees and shrubs. Whatever he does, he does exceedingly well.
Kevin is a soft-spoken, friendly, engaging person. He does not seek the
limelight, preferring rather to divert attention away from himself. As modest as
he is, there is no denying the quality of his prOductivity. I have commented to
dozens of people that in my opinion the most significant instance o~~employment
at the College in the past decade is the hiring of Kevin Johnson. He has meant
just that much to our campus community, having made it an environment that
constantly appeals to one’s aesthetic tastes. Everyone likes to live in beautiful
surroundings, and Kevin Johnson has created such a reality for those who live
here, as well as for those who visit our area.
He is a good man with extraordinary talents and accomplishments in his line of
work. I commend him to you without qualification.”
John W. Kay
Emeritus Professor of Religion & Philosophy
Young Harris College