Tree & Shrub Care

Our tree and shrub care program keeps your landscape healthy by controlling insects and diseases all year long.

Untreated, trees and shrubs can suffer from a variety of insect and disease problems.  We combine season appropriate nutrients and the use of insecticides, fungicides and dormant oils to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.  We target Japanese beetles, lace bugs, thrips, mites, anthracnose, leaf spot and several other insect and fungal problems.

Tree – Ornamental & Shrub Program

Round 1:  [Late Winter] We provide a late winter application of Horticultural Oil and Insecticide to smother overwintering insects and also destroy their eggs.

Rounds 2-4:  [Late Spring-Early Summer-Late Summer] These applications are designed to target specific insects and diseases to reduce and minimize damage to your plant material.  We also use Iron and micro-nutrients to help maintain the vigor of your landscape.

Round 5: [Early Winter] We apply an early winter application of Horticultural Oil and insecticide to protect you plants from over wintering insects and their eggs.

Round 6:  [Slow Release Fertilizer] Our fall fertilization application provides slow release nutrients to help your plants grow and recover from the stresses of summer.  The slow release fertilizers will be available in the spring to provide nutrient uptake during the growing season.

How Our Tree and Shrub Care Service Works

Green Leaf can proactively manage all of your lawn care needs, giving you peace of mind that your home is being properly cared for by a real professional. We offer convenient pay-as-you-go or pre-paid programs that will keep your residential or commercial property beautiful and lush. We’ll treat your property on a schedule throughout the year without requiring you to sign an annual contract, and if you’re not completely satisfied with any of our services, we will re-treat the premises at no charge or refund the cost of your last treatment. All of our services are backed by this Green Leaf guarantee.

“After more than 20 years dealing with commercial lawn care firms, Green Leaf Lawn & Ornamental stands head and shoulders over anyone I’ve used. Unlike commercial chains, where most drivers are limited in their knowledge, Kevin Johnson has years of experience in lawn care and a real understanding of the materials he uses. If you want to keep your lawn healthy and attractive, Green Leaf is the one to go to.”
Bob Morrow – Ellijay, Georgia